Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day one

Ok so i said i was going to write a finished piece each day but it's two in the morning and i'm really too tired to write more than this. Comments are suggestions are welcome and appreciated.
I wan't to make this into a short story so hopefully i'll write more on it tomorrow as well as something new.

Heat radiated from me in waves, so hot that the nearby furniture was already beginning to smoulder and burn. But the physical heat was nothing compared to my anger.
“This is just giving them what they want” a small part of me whispered; I ignored it. This time there was no going back.
This time they would pay.

Two months earlier:

A couple sat on a bench, hands entwined, whilst two laughing children attacked the play equipment.

I stared glumly at them from the place where I’d spent the night; if life was fair I would be one of the couple, in the past one of the children. But life wasn’t fair and here I was sleeping on the streets for the fifth night in a row with a high chance of doing the same again tonight.

It wasn’t that I couldn’t afford anywhere to stay, no, it was the fact that I ran the risk of burning down the very building I stayed in while I slept. Before last Thursday I’d thought I’d long gotten rid of the nightmares. Guess I was wrong.

Luckily no-one died that night, but it was a small consolation after I’d spent the last week sleeping on hard, stained concrete. Not to mention the fact that every morning I woke up naked. My clothes burning to ash as I slept, leaving me bare as the day I was born. But that wasn’t even the worst thing. The worst thing was that I had no fucking idea what was causing all of this.

In the past there’d always been a trigger, sometimes big, sometimes small, but always something. But after a week of racking my brains I was still clueless as to why this was happening and therefore how to stop it.

Grumbling I pulled on the spare clothes I’d hidden the night before and cast one last longing glance at the young family. Food was my goal now and lots of it. I was always starving after having a nightmare. Which wasn’t surprising really when you though about just how much energy my body burned in the time it took me to dream.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


please feel free to comment with any suggestions as to what i could write about or how i could improve my writing or anything else you can think of

The task (day zero)

To try to encourage me to write more i am setting myself the task of writing one piece of creating writing a day for 10 days. And it must be a complete piece too, not something half finished which i what i usually do.

So here's mine for today; it's a creative piece; almost a poem (sort of) on what the world might be like in a few years now, inspired by the last few hours i've spent on the net today...

I sit on my bed, back against the wall and laptop in my lap. I’ve been sitting like this for three hours now and my productiveness is probably into the negative but I can’t seem to draw myself away.

The world these days is lived so much online that it’s hard to think of something to do that doesn’t involve a computer or phone or some other electrical device.

They have taken over our lives

When I was younger I used to spend my time reading; devouring book after book as fast as I could buy them.

Those days are in the past now, books are so last decade.

Now I sit infront of a screen,



occasionally typing when I have anything worth saying….

I know the pointlessness of it but I can’t help myself;

time flys by in the outside world but here in front of the screen it nearly halts completely.

An endless cycle of flicking between tabs.

Nothing ever changes.

one day.....

one day i want to be an author, to get a book published.

It's not the thing i want most in life, but it's in the top ten. Though where in the top ten i'm not entirely sure.

I've liked reading for as long as i can remember ans i've liked writing since i started highschool about 5 years ago. But i'm tired of reading the work of others, i want to create something to be enjoyed by others like i enjoy the work of my fave authors, so here i will blog about my journey through the world of writing and maybe you'll get to see where it ends up